Our latest events




The educational program in the class of our older pupils is directed in the subjects of the elementary school. In this way our pupils get prepared for the Elementary school in reading and counting. The results are excellent and our pupils are the best in their class when in elementary school.


Our pupils take English courses in Mrs TAIGANIDOY LANGUAGES INSTITUTE with modern and pioneer methods and have a first contact with the foreign language.

They also come in contact with recreational games, rhythmical gymnastics and dance with the assistance
of a teacher of classic dance.

Having realised the great interest of children for music, we established a music class. This music class, with songs, musical games, theoretical knowledge of stave, acquaintance with the musical instruments and the orchestras apart from teaching it also brings the children great fun.


For more information and in order you to keep up with our running events contact in the e-mail: info@paidikos.gr