Our latest events



Aiming at the presentation of our work and the communication with the adults, we organise various events during the school year.

Thus, trying new experiences and activities we develop children’s' sociability , the harmonious collaboration between them and the growth of their self-knowledge.

In a joyful atmosphere the children enjoy themselves a lot due to their achievements, without phobias and inhibitions and give us the opportunity to take pride in them and feel happy.

Every Christmas we present the Christmas show of our children to their parents, celebrating with them this saint days in the room of events of First Lyceum in Yannitsa.

Spree with fancy dresses and a lot of dance, mirth and close communication between our parents, this is what our carnival feast consists of.

Every June we celebrate the end of the school year with a splendid show that excites everybody, again in the room of events of First Lyceum.


In a feast of athletic greatness our young pupils as athletes participate in matches (fling of ball, long jump , race 50m.) in a playfield.

All the infants are rewarded with diplomas and medals.

Every August a good occasion for the parents to meet and know each other is also the observation of full moon from the hill of ' ' FILIPPEIO ''.

The children observe the moon with our telescope and paint it in the paper. Their joy is indescribable.



For more information and in order you to keep up with our running events contact in the e-mail: info@paidikos.gr