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Dear parents,
There comes the time that you have to decide whether to send your child to the nursery school - kindergarten or not and make the best choice for him\her.
We, with our experience in the needs of this young age and our disposal to contribute in the development of the child personality, created this school that without replacing your family, it surely accomplishes it.
We prompt the child to discover himself and the others with proportional care and love. The modern educational methods that we use aim in the child's best preparation for school and life generally.

Moreover, in order to help the child to enter the kindergarten smoothly and easily, we have anticipated a special period of adaptation.
Here you will find more analytic information about our kindergarten - nursery school.

However we will be delighted you come and meet us personally, in order to handle.

With friendly greetings

For more information and in order you to keep up with our running events contact in the e-mail: info@paidikos.gr